Our goal is to make a Montessori education available to all children everywhere, regardless of income-level, background, or education. Because our focus is on the practical side of providing a Montessori education, you won’t find much on the history of Montessori. Instead, we seek to provide ways to start applying Montessori principles with your child right away.

We provide materials and activities that can fit any budget as well as ways to prepare your home environment with practical and inexpensive materials. If you’re looking for a more formal Montessori education, you can also find Montessori schools in your area and contact them directly. You will also find helpful resources to continue your own Montessori learning and a community forum where you can post your specific questions and other members can help answer them.

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Home Setup

A prepared home in is crucial in ensuring the child gets the most benefit from Montessori
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Montessori activities that your child will find engaging while not blowing your budget.
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Toys & Materials

A large collection of reviews and links to age-appropriate Montessori toys and materials for your child.
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Great Montessori-inspired books and additional resources for parents, teachers and children.
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