A key distinction of a Montessori room is natural plants and a simple, uncluttered environment. Choosing the right plant is an important part of setting up the room. You will need to consider the plant’s tolerance to being indoors, the size, watering requirements and other aspects to make sure it’s appropriate for a child’s room. Many plants also have a natural air purifying qualities that can improve the atmosphere as well. These are 3 of our favorite plants for adding a touch of green to any Montessori room.

Kentia Palm

Low maintenance, low light plant perfect for indoor spaces

The Kentia Palm is a class indoor plant that is easy to maintain and requires very low light. The watering requirements are also minimal and has a long lifespan making it great fit for busy parents who don’t necessarily have a green thumb when it comes to maintaining indoor plants.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

Bright indirect light works best for Fiddle Leaf plants

The bold and beautiful Fiddle Lead Fig comes in variety of sizes and will add a great pop to any Montessori-inspired nursery. It is available in most home garden stores and has a long lifespan. It does require a bit more bright, indirect sunlight but would do great near a window that receives consistent sunlight. It does come at a cost though as it can be a bit more on the expensive side compared to other plants for your nursery.

Snake Plant

One of the easiest to care for, the drought-resistant snake plant is a no-brainer

Last on our list is our personal favorite for decorating a baby nursery. It is the most hardy plant on the list and one of the easiest to care for. Even the basic watering needs are minimal as this beautiful plant is drought resistant. It can also grow very large depending on the size of the pot and provides great air purifying qualities. It is basically a carefree plant that is ideal for busy parents

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